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“Six of Crows” is a young adult fantasy novel written by Leigh Bardugo. The book is set in the Grishaverse, a fantasy world created by Bardugo in her previous series, the “Grisha Trilogy.” The story follows a group of six outcasts, each with their own unique set of skills and abilities, who are brought together by criminal mastermind Kaz Brekker to pull off a heist that many believe is impossible. Together, they must navigate a web of lies, political maneuvering, and betrayal as they attempt to pull off the heist and make a name for themselves in the criminal underworld.

The main characters are:

Kaz Brekker, also known as “Dirtyhands” and leader of the group
Inej Ghafa, also known as “The Wraith” and a spy and assassin
Jesper Fahey, sharpshooter
Wylan Van Eck, demolitions expert
Nina Zenik, a Grisha (people with magical abilities) who can control sound and emotions
Matthias Helvar, a former soldier and enemy-turned-ally

The book is the first in a duology and has been well-received by both critics and readers, and has been nominated for several awards. If you’re looking for a thrilling fantasy book with a diverse cast of characters, “Six of Crows” is a great choice.

“Six of Crows” is a thrilling and fast-paced read that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The plot is well-crafted and intricate, with multiple layers and twists that will keep you guessing until the very end. The world-building is also excellent, with Bardugo creating a rich and detailed fantasy world that is both unique and compelling.

One of the most striking things about the book is the characters. Each of the six main characters is fully realized and well-developed, with their own unique personalities, motivations, and backgrounds. They are all outcasts in their own way, and this shared sense of being on the outside gives the group a strong sense of camaraderie and loyalty. Their individual skills and abilities are also nicely complimented with each other.

Additionally, the diversity of the characters is also well-done, not just in terms of ethnicity and race but also in terms of gender and sexual orientation. This adds a unique aspect to the story and allows for a diverse readership to see themselves reflected in the characters.

In summary, “Six of Crows” is a fantastic book that seamlessly blends fantasy, adventure, and heist elements to create a truly enjoyable and captivating read. It’s well-written, well-plotted, and has a set of diverse and likable characters that will keep you engaged from start to finish. Highly recommended for fans of fantasy and adventure books.


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